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PUBG Mobile Red Packet Redeem Codes Get Free Skins

A New Update, New collab and New Event in PUBG Mobile, Ji ha players PUBG Mobile Red Packet Event is Live and asking for Redeem codes to get Free Skins for Backpack, Parachute, and Frames, etc.

If you are expecting something legendary skins and UC from this PUBG Mobile Red Packet Event then please don’t. This is just a common event not any anniversary event in PUBG Mobile.

So whatever you will get is not more valuable and maybe if you get any legendary skin then it will be time-limited.

There is not much info available about this Red Packet Event but Yes! you can enter the #CNY2022 Redeem code and get your First Free Skin of Parachute that is time-limited.

PUBG Mobile Red Packet Redeem Codes 2022

Here you will get a list of Predicted Red Packet Redeem Codes for the 2022 Event that can give you Free Skins and Rewards.

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List of Valid Used Red Red Packet Redeem Codes:

  • #CNY2022 = Parachute Skin

Predicted PUBG Mobile Red Packet Redeem Codes List:

  1. #PUB2022
  2. #ERC2501
  3. #BGM2021
  4. #KRF2022
  5. #BIB2021
  6. #LOG2022

Please Note these PUBG Mobile Red Packet Redeem Codes given above are not used and are just a prediction that can be released, if you want to try them you can.

The Red Packet Event will be valid between 24th Jan 2022 to 31st Jan 2022. After that, no code will be valid and you can not redeem any skin after the even is gone.

How to Redeem Skins from PUBG Red Packet Event?

You can enjoy the PUBGM Red Packet 7 Days Event by using the redeem codes with just 2 simple steps. After the even is closed these redeem codes are not of any use so hurry up.

Step 1: First Visit the PUBG Mobile Red Packet Event Section

Step 2: Enter the Redeem code given for the day for eg. #CNY2022 and click on the Redeem button.

Step 3: Now you will see the Skin you got for the code and click on the OK button to collect the skin in your inventory.

If you need more help about PUBG Mobile, Free Fire, BGMI or any other game then feel free to comment below.

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