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Download Game for Peace on Gameloop 7.1

Now you can download the PUBG Mobile Chinese Version on Gameloop and enjoy the Game for Peace game on PC.

Game for Peace is not available to download outside of China, if you try to search it on Gameloop Game Store, Google Play Store, or Apkpure App store you won’t find this game.

There is one and only way to download this Game for Peace on Gameloop and Play it on a PC with 90 FPS.

Yes! You can Play Game for Peace at 90 FPS on PC if you have Gameloop 7.1 Download it Now.

How to Download Game for Peace on Gameloop?

As I said before, If you want to download the Game for Pace on Gameloop then you can not download it from Gameloop Store.

So there is only one way to download Game for Peace on Gameloop and play.

Download Game For Peace on Gameloop using Tap Tap App Store:

If you have checked other articles on this blog I have used APKpure App Store for some games.

But Unfortunately Game for Peace is also not available on APKpure so we are using the Tap Tap App store here.

Step 1: First of all Download the Tap Tap App Store APK on your PC.

Download Tap Tap App Store on Gameloop

Step 2: Then Install the Tap Tap APK on Gameloop using Local APK installation option in Gameloop.

Install APK+OBB Games on Gameloop Offline

Step 3: Now open the Tap Tap App and Search for Game for Peace and Click on Get Button.

Download and Install Game for Peace on Gameloop using Tap Tap App Store

Step 4: The Game will download and Install automatically just wait for it and once the Game is installed Open the Game.

Step 5: Check the Log in Method on Game for Peace and Start New Career in the game, you can not use your other PUBG account on Game for Peace.

FAQ – Questions about Game for Peace:

Let’s discuss some FAQs about Fame for Peace for new users, those who don’t know what this game is and why it looks like PUBG Mobile?

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