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3000 Free NC – PUBG New State NC Hack

Get 3000 Free NC in PUBG New State using any of the 4 Tricks given in this article. Today I am going to share some PUBG New State NC Hacks so that you can get Free New State NC to buy the Royale Pass.

The NC is the same currency as UC in PUBG Mobile, just because the game name is changed the currency also changed. If you want to buy or use the currency in PUBG New State now everything needs to change even the Free NC Hacking tricks too.

I know the game might have some bugs and sometimes the server gets down but just think about how hard the team must be working so that players over the globe can play together.

Warning: If you see any Free NC Generator website or App online please do not use it, these websites/apps ask you for email and your ID and then your Game ID may get Hacked.

Also, If you want to buy the NC currency buy it from a trusted source, and don’t fall for a huge discount.

4 Ways to get Free NC in PUBG New State:

Rather you download any false Apk and spin to win some free NC you can try some PUBG New State NC Hacks that I have shared below.

PUBG New State Free NC Hack

All Hacks are safe and working, if you go visit the Free NC Generator nothing is going to happen there.

  1. Participate in NC Giveaway on YouTube
  2. Find out Refer and Earn Apps for Paytm withdrawal.
  3. Follow us using the bell Icon
  4. Play Bonus Challenges and Earn Battle Coins to Redeem to NC.

You might not like these tricks but there is no other hack to get Free NC in PUBG New State. If anybody is giving you any hacking Apk that really works let us know in the comment box.

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1. Participate in NC Giveaway on YouTube

The most popular way to get Free NC for PUBG New State. Since PUBG Mobile is launched lots of Youtubers struggling with gaming careers, some got succeeded some have not.

But we have benefits in both the cases, for getting views, and attracted lots of YouTubers do PUBG UC Giveaway, similarly, some do PUBG New State NC Giveaway too.

How to Participate?

  • Go to YouTube and search for PUBG New State Live!
  • Look for channels with fewer Viewers and Ask them for NC Giveaway.
  • Now go and watch the Popular Youtubers Channel.
  • Check-in their past Streaming if they have given any Giveaway tasks.

You can work in a team ask your friend to help you look for NC Giveaways on YouTube and work together.

2. Find Refer and earn Apps withdraw Cash:

Find out some Refer and Earn Apps that keep releasing every day on Google Play Store. You just need to watch them and check their review on Youtube.

Again Here you can search Best Refer and Earn App Sign up and complete the tasks given on that app using different phones at your home.

Here I can help you by providing some cool apps that give real cash. Click here

3. Follow Us using the Bell Icon:

If you are tired of doing all these tricks at least you can subscribe to our blog by pressing the bell icon on the left bottom side. Once you subscribe what will happen is we keep updating the Redeem Codes/UC Giveaways on this blog.

If you subscribe then you will get a notification on your screen and you can visit instantly to redeem those codes for your PUBG/BGMI/PUBG New State account for free.

This is a recommended hack if you want some Free NC in your PUBG New State Account.

4. Play Bonus Challenges and Get Free NC:

In PUBG Mobile there are some seasonal games called Bonus Challenges, where players register using the Battle Pass and fight to win the Battle Coins.

Later those Battle Coins are useful to redeem or exchange with UC. The same thing goes with PUBG New State, Krafton will soon launch the Bonus challenge type event to PUBG New State where we can get a free Pass to join and win some Free NC in PUBG New State.


Here I tried my best to give you all PUBG New State NC hacks/Tricks, by using them one can play smart and be the early bird to get Free NC.

If you have any suggestions, our comment box is open for you just comment below and let us know.

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