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Download Fortnite Mobile on Gameloop

Fortnite is a Free to Play Battle Royale PC Game, you can download Fortnite for PC from EPIC Game Store.

Recently Fortnite has launched Fortnite Mobile Game to acquire the Battle Royale market on Mobile devices. But you can only download the Fortnite Mobile Game from EPIC Game App on Mobile only.

I tried to download and Install the Fortnite Mobile on Gameloop with different tricks but failed. The Fortnite Mobile is not designed for Emulators so if you try it in any way the Fortnite Mobile will not install or either will not open on Gameloop.

Better Alternative: Play Free Fire on Gameloop.

How to Play Fortnite Mobile on Gameloop?

There is no possible way to install and play Fortnite Mobile on Gameloop. But if you still want to try you can follow the steps given below, here I got the game but the game Failed to install.

Step 1: First Download the Fortnite Mobile Game on your PC from here.

Step 2: Then Open Gameloop 7.1 and Try to Install the Fortnite Mobile Game using LOCAL Apk Installation Option.

Install APK+OBB Games on Gameloop Offline

Step 3: Wait till the Fortnite Mobile gets Installed on Gameloop wait for 100% Installing.

Failed to Install Fortnite Mobile on Gameloop

Unfortunately, when I did the same process the process stuck at 98% or it showed me one popup with App not Installed.

Alternative Method to Install Fortnite Mobile on Gameloop:

This is a genuine method by using this you can Install the Fortnite Mobile Game on your Phone but you can try it on Gameloop also.

Step 1: First download and Install this EPIC Games App here you will get the Fortnite Mobile Game to download.

Step 2: When you install this App on Gameloop and Open it shows you one message “Device Not Compatible“.

Fortnite Installer on Gameloop vs Mobile

Step 3: But when you Install this App on your phone it will show you the Install Button Click on it to download the APK and the Game will start Installing.

Step 4: Once the Fortnite Mobile is Installed open it and wait till it updates. [Update is 8.4GB and here I stopped this process and Uninstall this game]

Gameloop total Size before Playing a Single Match

Who has 8.4 GB of the Internet to Update any game you haven’t played a single time on Mobile? LOL!!!!!

How to Download Fortnite on PC?

Now this trick works, because Fortnite is designed to Free download and Play on PC. Follow the Short and simple steps below and you are ready to play Fortnite on your PC.

Download EPIC Games Installer on PC.
  • Visit Here to Download Fortnite from EPIC Games. (need an Account)
  • Then click on the Download Button and Choose PC Installer
  • Now the EPIC Game Installer will get downloaded open and Start Installing.
  • Your PC will get installed with EPIC Game Launcher and Fortnite together wait for it.
  • Once all Installation is complete it will check for Updates Finally, you are ready to play Fortnite on PC.
Installing Fortnite PC using Installer

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