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[Latest] BGMI Unban Apk Download – 19th August 2022

A new trick is available in the market now that you can Download the BGMI Unban Apk Latest Version and Remove the 10 years Ban from your BGMI ID.

Most of the time there is no reason to ban your BGMI ID it’s just a mistake that you were suspected of and banned.

But if you have ever used any third-party APK or tool to boost your BGMI Gameplay or Hack to find and kill the enemy in BGMI then your account is caught red-handed.

Krafton does not recommend the use of any kind of game boosting or cheating Apk if you get caught then your ID will definitely get banned.

Shocking News!! “BGMI Banned in India August 2022

If you don’t see options to Download/Update BGMI Apk from the Play Store you can use this alternative and Download BGMI from TAP TAP.

What is BGMI Unban Apk?

The so-called BGMI Unban Apk is a myth there is no such Apk that can unban your BGMI ID from 10 Year Ban.

Stay Away from these types of Apps to keep your BGMI Account Safe:

  1. BGMI Mod Apk
  2. BGMI ESP Hack Apk
  3. BGMI 90 FPS Config Tool

It is just a crazy trend that YouTubers have spread and no Apk can retrieve your Account back if Krafton has banned your BGMI ID.

Reason: BGMI is a Game downloaded on your Phone but whatever is your ID Progress is stored at the Krafton Servers and you can only access your ID until you are allowed by Krafton.

Once your ID is banned by the Krafton team from their servers then you will not be able to play for 10 years.

How to Unban Your BGMI Account

How to Unban Your BGMI Account?

There is the only way to unban your BGMI Account is by File Claim Button from the Notice you get after 10 Years Ban.

Then Follow the Steps given below to File Claim Step By Step.

  1. When You click on the File Claim option you will see one website.
  2. Scroll Down and Click on Why Was My Account Banned?
  3. Now one Instruction Page will get open and read all instructions carefully.
  4. In the End, you will see the Contact US button Click on that button.
  5. Then one Popup Form will get Open Enter the Details
  6. Select Report & Banned option in the issue option.
  7. Then Explain your Issue and Provide detailed Account Info with ID. Request them and tell Krafton you have not used any illegal activity while Playing BGMI.

Once you Submit this Form wait for the reply at your provided email id and let’s see what Krafton says on your Request.

For Detail, Info watch the video guide given below.

Conclusion: There is nothing like BGMI Unban Apk that can help you to recover your Banned BGMI ID. Do not trust and download any random app on your phone it’s risky.

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