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BGMI Lite Release Date – How to Download and Play?

Yes!! It’s True that BGMI Lite is Releasing in India. But the final decision will be taken by Krafton only.

It’s been more than a Year that PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite were banned in India. but now due to huge demand and customer base, Krafton released BGMI a replacement for PUBG Mobile in India.

But BGMI needs a high-end mobile phone to play, and the majority of the population uses med-specs and low-specs devices in India.

Since the ban on PUBG Mobile Lite recent updates were slowing down and we do not get any updates in PUBG Mobile Lite for 2 to 3 months.

What is the BGMI Lite Release Date:

Most of the YouTubers are claiming that the BGMI Lite is releasing on 1st Jan 2022. But it’s not that easy, Krafton has not given any confirmation about the release of BGMI Lite.

Although, some Popular Youtubers have leaked and given some hope about BGMI Lite is about to launch.

Here is one Video giving hope about BGMI Lite:

What is the Reality Behind BGMI lite Release Date:

Since nobody knows about the real release date of BGMI lite as Krafton has not announced anything about it.

But just because of the hype that created a huge demand for BGMI Lite Release Date Bloggers/YouTubers, and News Portals are spamming the news about this hype.

Possibilities of BGMI Lite Release:

Let’s check if BGMI Lite will be released or not, I will share some facts that will clear your mind about the Possibilities of the BGMI Lite Release Date.

  1. There are Lots of BGMI Players using Low-Specs Device (compatible for BGMI Lite).
  2. PUBG Mobile Lite is Banned in India, and a huge customer base is waiting for it.
  3. PUBG lite PC has shut down and so PUBG Mobile Lite is not getting regular updates.
  4. A Huge Youth Gaming community has been setup in India and any Compatible game can use it.
  5. Players are using VPN to play PUBG Mobile Lite after ban, so demand is still there for BGMI Lite.

Overall a customer base (Gamers) is available in India compatible with BGMI Lite so if Krafton may launch BGMI Lite in India if the PUBG Mobile Lite ban is not lifted.

How to Get Download Link for BGMI Lite?

You can get the BGMI Lite Download to link very first on your Mobile by following us and keep visiting our website and check this Link – BGMI Updates.

You can download any Type of PUBG Mobile Game from Tap-tap and Apkpure, the Download Link is Here.

BGMI Lite Release Date and Download Link

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