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Is BGMI Going to be Banned? Not Again!!!!! 2022

Good News and Bad news for BGMI Players, the Bad news is that BGMI is temporarily banned in India by the government and hence you will not see BGMI on Google Play Store if you search for it.

The Good News is, You can still play BGMI in India as the servers are not banned yet. And another good news is if you want to download the BGMI Apk 2.1 Latest Version then follow the Process given on the Home Page.

We have all alternative possible links to download BGMI for Indian players only. I would say this is not because of the server issue or Privacy because BGMI is launched after PUBG Mobile is banned and hence all issues may have been checked already.

IS BGMI Going to Be Banned Again?

There are very few chances of BGMI can get banned in India and if do get banned then Krafton will have to face a very big issue. Let’s see how.

Why BGMI May does not gets a Permanent ban:

  1. BGMI followed all rules after it is launched after PUBG Ban.
  2. BGMI Published is not a Chinese Company Anymore.
  3. Krafton has invested lots of money in India and not going to leave India so easily.
  4. This is just a Temporary Ban on Google Play Store in India.
Krafton Statment on BGMI Banned in India

Why BGMI May Does get a Permanent ban:

  1. Lots of parents and NGOs have filed complaints to the Government
  2. Due to Political issues if the government decides to ban anything can do it.
  3. If Government finds any BGMI relation with China or privacy issues then BGMI can get a BAN.

How Krafton can Face a serious issue after BAN?

This is the second time now Krafton will face the Ban issue and the BGMI will be of no use after the Ban. Because BGMI is only made for India and even if you try to play with VPN then nothing will work because the only country is India you can Play BGMI with.

  • If BGMI also gets banned then Krafton will have to leave India or work from scratch again
  • The Investment by Krafton will no longer be useful if the Game is no more.
  • The BGMI Ban will also hit the Gaming industry to backstep in the future.
  • Not only BGMI/Krafton but the Celebrities like YT Gamers, Bloggers and Esport companies will get affected.
Watch Telco Masala on BGMI

How you can Play BGMI or Alternative to BGMI?

As of now, Krafton has announced that they will terminate all server access for BGMI which means nobody will be able to play BGMI directly.

Even if you try the VPN there is no use because BGMI works with Indian IP and Indian server only.

You have 3 Alternatives to Play:

But if you try to access them you will need a VPN and you know the VPN Lag and latency. And one more thing you will have to start from scratch.

My Suggestion:

I would like to suggest you guys if you really want BGMI Back then support BGMI and wait till the government and Krafton solve their issues. Whatever decision is made will be published and we all will get to know. If the Ban is unfair we will support BGMI and if the Ban is Fair then we will support the Government.

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