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Among Us Mod Menu Apk Download v2021.11.9.2 (Anti-Ban/All Unlocked)

Among Us is a real Imposter game for those who can stay safe even after their crime. And Among Us Mod Menu Apk helps you to unlock all those game barriers and let you win every single game.

Please Note: This Mod I am talking about only supports the Among Us Android Game. If you are an Among Us PC gamer then you can try the Gameloop Emulator on Pc to Play this Mod Apk on PC.

You can also use this Among Us Mod Menu App to make fun of your friends or tease them by cheating in the game.

This Apk has more than 20 features and it’s the ultimate Hack for Among Us Android Game.

Disclaimer: We do not promote or share any kind of Mod Apk or Game Hack on this website. This article is made for the sake of providing only the information to our visitors.

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For Visitors: If you read and follow the guide shared in this article and you face any kind of loss we are not liable for that loss, please proceed at your own risk.

How does this Among Us Mod Menu Apk Work?

The Basic gameplay concept for Among us game is; there are two teams normal players and imposters.

How to Enable Among Us Mods from Mod Menu

Both team together are in a spaceship, the imposter knows everything and are able to do advanced tasks than the normal crew.

The Basic Gameplay includes finding the imposter in the spaceship and throwing them out. And Imposter will try to kill the crew members and stay undetected while doing this.

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What Happens when you use Among us Mod Menu?

When you install this apk and turn on any Mod from the menu you can do anything in the game, you can change your character look during the game.

You can watch the video gameplay given below to get a more clear idea about how does this Among Us Mod Menu Apk helps you while playing.

There are lots of features that will help you to either detect the imposter while playing as a crew or stay safe while playing as an Imposter.

App NameAmong Us Mod Menu
App Versionv2021.11.9.2
Last Updated09 Nov 2021
APK Size91 MB
Total Downloads50k
SupportAndroid 6.0 to 11
DownloadWait for 10 Seconds
Among Us Mod Menu Apk Menu List

How to Install and Play Among Us Mod Menu Apk?

Now it’s time to share some guides about how to download and use this Among Us Mod Menu Apk on your Android Phone. If you are looking for its Features check them below this guide.

Step 1: First uninstall the Among Us original game version if you have downloaded it.

Step 2: Now download the Among us Mod Menu Apk on your Phone Click here.

Step 3: Now Extract the Downloaded File and Install the Game Mod Apk.

Step 4: Once the Installation is completely clear all recent apps and restart your phone.

Once your Phone gets restarted you can open the Mod Game and enable the Mods accordingly while playing the Among Us on your Phone.

Anong Us MOD Menu App Features:

  1. Player Menu: When you Install this Mod game you will see some Menu Options that are shown here below, you can use the buttons shown after the menu to turn ON and Off the Mod.
    • Show Crew/Impostor.
    • Move-in Meeting.
    • Spam Report (Start Meeting 1st).
    • Unlimited Emergency Meetings.
    • No Meeting Cooldown.
    • No Door Cooldown.
    • Can Move in Vent.
    • No Door Cooldown [Imposter].
    • Sabotage Lights.
    • Repair Sabotage.
    • Teleport Outside.
    • Teleport Inside.
    • Speed – (0 to 30): Increease the Player Speed this will help you to keep safe from Imposter and if you are the Imposter then you can kill and run fast.
    • Torch Distance – (0 to 10): Torch distance helps you to capture more area while playing
    • Fake Imposter: The Menu option also have an option with Fake Imposter with these color options. Non, Red, Dark Blue, Dark Green, Pink, Orange, yellow, Black, White, Purple, Brown, Cyan, Lime Gren.
      • See Ghosts + Chat:
        • Sabotage: None, Comms, O2, Reactor.
        • Close Doors: One button to close and open doors to keep yourself safe, None, All Doors, Storage, Cafeteria, Reactor, Upper Engine, Nav, Admin, and many more…
  2. Host Menu:
    • Imposter 1: Non, Red, Dark Blue, Dark Green, Pink, Orange, yellow, Black, White, Purple, Brown, Cyan, Lime Gren.
    • Imposter 2: Non, Red, Dark Blue, Dark Green, Pink, Orange, yellow, Black, White, Purple, Brown, Cyan, Lime Gren.
    • Imposter 3: Non, Red, Dark Blue, Dark Green, Pink, Orange, yellow, Black, White, Purple, Brown, Cyan, Lime Gren.
    • End Vote: If you think you have been caught while as an Imposter you can End the Voting as soon as it is started and you can get safe.
    • Anti Vote Kicked.
    • End Game [Impostors Win].
    • End Game [Crew Win].
    • Instant Win [Enable Before Start].
    • Uno Reverse Vote.
    • Anti Vote.
    • Redirect Votes: Non, Red, Dark Blue, Dark Green, Pink, Orange, yellow, Black, White, Purple, Brown, Cyan, Lime Gren.
      • Complete Some Tasks: While you are an Imposter you can still perform the task by enabling this option
      • Complete All Tasks: No imposter can complete any task, but you can after turning on this option you can complete all tasks
      • Random Colours: You can change your player color while playing the game.
  3. Host Name Editor Nemu:
    • Look Recent Message.
    • Use Text: Static Text, Custom (Recent Chat).
    • Everyone’s Name: Default, Error 404, Loading Name, Impostor, Red is Impostor, Encrypted, www.YouTube/c/AxeyPMT,
    • Text Effect: None, Enable RGB Slider, RGB Animation.
    • Red – (0 to 255).
    • Green – (0 to 255).
    • Blue – (0 to 255).
  4. Host Troll Menu:
    • Enable Troll Menu.
    • No Kill CD.
    • Freeze Everyone.
    • Force Begin.
    • Freeze Timer.
    • Everyone’s Speed – (0 to 50).
    • Discussion Time – (0 to 500).
    • Emergency CD – (0 to 500).
    • Number of Impostors – (0 to 5).
    • Emergency Meetings (Set PreGame) – (0 to 50).
    • Crew Light: Normal, No Light, Max Light.
    • Map (Set PreGame): None, The Skeld, Mira HQ, Polus, Airship.
  5. Account Menu: By using this Mod menu Game you can unlock all Skins, Pets and Hats tha you can use while the game is ON.
    • Unlock Skins.
    • Unlock Pets.
    • Unlock Hats.
  6. Fun Menu: You can randomly change the character look and be nobody can find you out.
    • Random Hats.
    • Random Skins.
    • Random Pets.
      • Force Vote [Virtual to Everyone]
        • Freeze Light.
        • Drunk Mode.
        • Shake Screen (0 to10).
        • Select Player: None, All, Red, Dark Blue, Dark Green, and many more…
        • Player Size (0 to 20)
  7. Misc Menu:
    • No Ads: You wont see any Advertisement even if you play online in this Mod Menu.
    • No, Leave Penalty.
    • Increase Report [Buggy].
    • Confirm Ejected.
    • Long Kill Distance,
    • Player 2/3 = Impostor.
    • Preset Random Usernames.
    • Custom Name (Recent Message).
    • Show Imp Position (0 to 100).
  8. Detected Mods Menu:
    • No Kill Cooldown.
    • Force All Enter Vent.
    • Force All Exit Vent.
    • Spam Text: Non, Axeys YouTube, Hacking, Ghost(s) Who Killed You?, Stop Spamming, and many more...

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